Faso misrepresents Teachout climate plan

*Faso misrepresents Teachout climate plan *Tedisco has record of service to New York *No matter outc

Faso misrepresents Teachout climate plan

Like many other Columbia County residents, I am grateful to Chris Gibson for making the 19th District a leader in addressing the problem of climate change. In order to continue his work, it is important that the two candidates vying to replace him make it clear where they stand on the need to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

At a community forum held in Chatham in late August, Zephyr Teachout said she endorses a revenue-neutral plan for a fee on carbon charged at the point of origin and then returned to all citizens as a monthly dividend.

This would be a way of putting the cost of the effects of climate change at the door of the companies earning money from fossil fuels. Market forces, rather than government regulation, would encourage the use of renewable energy sources.

Yet, a recent campaign email from John Faso stated Teachout’s plan would “massively increase the cost of heating your home through a carbon tax.” In addition, he quotes a study that says it will cost families $1,700 annually.

However, the study he is pointing to was for a cap-and-trade plan from many years ago. The actual fee-and-dividend plan that Ms. Teachout has supported has been put through economic modeling. Regional Economic Models, Inc. has concluded that in 20 years, such a system could reduce carbon emissions to 50 percent of 1990 levels and “generate more than $1.3 trillion in added overall economic activity.”

Rather than misrepresenting the position of his opponent, I would like to see Mr. Faso detail his own plan to confront this pressing issue.

Bruce Shenker


Tedisco has record of service to New York

With the Nov. 8 general election quickly approaching, I wanted to show my support for Jim Tedisco; a candidate running for the New York State Senate. Tedisco is the only candidate in this race with a proven track record and who is capable of being our next state senator.

Jim is a true public servant who continues to dedicate his life not only to his constituents, but to all the residents of New York. Anyone who knows Jim Tedisco knows this to be true, regardless of the issue.

Jim is always responsive to his citizens and gives 100 percent. He’s been a voice for those without a voice. He’s fought for those unable to fight for themselves. He’s been compassionate for those less fortunate and most importantly, he has fought tirelessly to protect our constitutional rights. Additionally, Jim Tedisco has always been supportive of senior citizens, people with disabilities and those with mental illness.

I can’t think of a more qualified, compassionate person to be my state senator, which I is why I will be proudly casting my vote for him on Nov. 8.

Marianne Bergh


No matter outcome, America is the loser

While I will readily concede my inability to prognosticate the winner of the presidential race, I feel just as certain that I can predict the loser of the election.

I suggest that whoever wins the election in November, be it Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, it is my prediction that the inevitable losers will be the people of this country.

Prior to the present day, the United States has always been fortunate enough to have a leader such as a Reagan, a Truman or a Roosevelt able to step forward and guide our great nation. Now this country is forced to make a choice between a Trump or a Clinton.

Both of these individuals have demonstrated by their words and deeds that they are simply not “presidential timber” and that neither of them deserves to hold the office of the presidency.

I am very glad that my wife and I are old and have already raised our children because, in our opinion, the best days of the United States are far behind us and we Americans have only ourselves to blame.

This country suffered through and survived the nadir of eight years of the Obama administration, only to have this farce of an election to look forward to.

Michael G. Decker


Get educated about effect of Republicans

A few thoughts on preparing for Election Day:

If possible, view the film “The Music Man.” Contrary to the title, it is about a con man whose strategy is to create a problem, then offer himself as the solution, even though he knows nothing about music. He uses speeches and fuzzy promises to delude the townspeople. Sound like a certain candidate for president?

Second, read the party platform before you vote for a congressional candidate. The Republican desire to “remove restrictions on business” refer to reducing the protections we get from the Environmental Protection Agency, Food Drug Administration and Consumer Protection Act, as well as removing Obamacare and Social Security. Do you want that?

They recently passed a law that ends required disclosure of where your meat comes from, while rejecting a bill to limit how small the spacing between airline seats can be. For whom do they work? They have had control of Congress since 2010, but have done nothing to help us — just to obstruct the president.

Last, the roadside campaign signs. Jim Tedisco’s signs have been up since mid-June. We knew who he was, and he has lost my vote because of that.

Please vote, but do so from knowledge, not from family tradition.

Bill Shaw

Ballston Spa

Some questions for Clinton and Obama

Questions to think about:

Great. Now Congress is pushing for medical marijuana. Why? Mark my word, it will be abused.

How many of the FBI workers checking Clinton’s emails are Democrats? Why aren’t the Republicans going after the deleted emails? I hope the future generation realizes the debt they will have to pay off.

The politicians are bankrupting our country. I suppose the Clintons’ finances are squeaky clean. How did they go from broke to millionaires?

Why is Obama campaigning for Hillary instead of taking care of the problems we have facing us?

James Maxfield


Voters need to grow up, behave, then vote

I feel compelled to write and hopefully be a voice of reason to the voters of upstate New York.

To begin with, it amazes me that anyone would publicly state that they will not support or vote for a candidate because it has been suggested that this candidate might be supporting another candidate running in an entirely different race. Really? Are we still in elementary school? That is like saying I won’t be your friend because you are friends with someone I don’t like. Grow up.

It also amazes me that people can’t see that their liberties and freedoms are gradually being diminished and that they are expected to fall in line and do as they are told or pay the price. For someone running for political office, this would equate to a loss of a vote. Again, are you kidding me? It is no wonder our country has such a high bullying rate — probably because it is learned at home.

Bullying someone to change their mind or opinion because it is not of your mindset is truly despicable. And, yes, another thing that amazes me is how quickly people are swayed by all the rhetoric and hypocrisy from the “top” race, which has now distorted (on the state level) the key elements to any election — that being the issues.

My advice, grow-up, stop bullying, and treat people as you yourself would want to be treated. Now get out and vote.

Rene M. Borst



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