Clinton tax plan will eventually raise taxes

*Clinton tax plan will eventually raise taxes *Tedisco will stand up for people in Senate *Act now t

Clinton tax plan will eventually raise taxes

Gullibles Travels (def: gullible-easily fooled or cheated): My definition — stupid.

Mrs. Clinton seems to have come up with a good idea for getting new tax money without increasing taxes on the “middle class” — increase taxes on corporations. Example, the HJJones company (my fiction) is successful, honest, and manufactures and sells good ketchup, relish and mustard.

When Mrs. Clinton’s new tax takes effect, the company pays it. Then on its workers’ payday, the company runs out of cash.

What to do? Oh, an increase in product price is required to meet the payroll, as well as equipment repair, mortgages all other debts etc.

So, the price of ketchup, relish and mustard go up, and you and I and millions more just like us pay more for the product. We just paid their tax increase for them. A tax by any other name is still a tax.

So as you walk to the voting booth to vote, don’t be gullible, don’t be stupid. Remember a vote for Clinton is a vote for higher taxes. Don’t make that walk a “Gullibles Travel.”

And as the man said, gullible is as gullible does, or is it “stupid is as stupid does?”

Rowland Hussey

Clifton Park

Tedisco will stand up for people in Senate

There are many reasons to vote for Jim Tedisco to be our next senator for the 49th District. Of course, the most obvious reasons would be his experience and dedication to his work. Jim knows and understands the needs of the people within the district. Time and time again, he has made it his purpose to serve others.

What compels me even more about Jim, and my main reason for voting for him, is the fact that he is an absolute stand-up guy.

He genuinely cares about his constituents and will work diligently to make sure their voices are heard and issues get resolved. There aren’t too many politicians out there who would show such deep attention to those around them. I for one appreciate this about Jim, and find it a true testament to his overall character.

A prime example of this was when I reached out to his office for help, and he was able to guide me with getting through the bureaucratic red tape in Albany. I am not sure my matter would have been resolved without his support.

Jim Tedisco is the ideal public servant. He is committed, effective, and stays true to his beliefs and passions. He will look out for the people, children and animals of the 49th Senate District and beyond, and I am honored to cast my vote for him on Nov. 8.

Veronica Lavorel


Act now to control temperature increase

Ninety-eight percent of our scientists warn us that global warming is here. But really, all we have to do is look at the facts. Once, 350 parts per million (ppm) of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was considered the highest level we could reach without untoward consequences.

We are now at 408-plus ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This year was the hottest on record, followed by last year, followed by the year before that.

Now, scientists are hoping we can hold temperature rise to 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

But in order to do that, we can not exceed 1,000 gigatons of carbon released into the atmosphere. So far, 531 gigatons have already been released There are 2,795 gigatons of carbon in our proven fossil fuel reserves remaining in the ground. More may be discovered.

Yet, in order to keep the temperature rise to 3.6 degrees, or preferably below, we can use only 565 gigatons of this. This is only one-fifth of the world’s known reserves.

Eighty percent of these reserves must stay in the ground to prevent the catastrophic results of a temperature rise of 3.6 degrees.

This should be our first priority on the political agenda. If we don’t fix this, everything else is moot. Please, remember this on voting day.

Jahnn Swanker-Gibson


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