High towing charges are taking advantage

*High towing charges are taking advantage *Play it safe and save babies with Trump *Fall brings with

High towing charges are taking advantage

My daughter got a call from a friend Saturday evening (Oct. 22) that she had a few too many drinks and would my daughter come pick her up from a local bar in downtown Schenectady.

My daughter obliged and parked behind Citizens Bank with multiple other cars and ran in to get her. When she came out 15 minutes later, my daughter’s car had been towed by H&K, which has a contract with Citizens.

It’s not that she was towed that bothers me. It’s that they charged her $162 to get her car back. The average tow cost is around $40 to $60. Charging a young person $162 is taking advantage of someone, at best.

Shame on Citizens Bank and shame on H&K Towing.

William Marincic


Play it safe and save babies with Trump

There are many reasons not to vote for Hillary Clinton.

1) Any person who has held secret clearance understands the responsibility and importance of such a distinction. A vote for Clinton is like a vote for a soldier who went AWOL (absent without leave).

She deserted America when she ran classified material through her private server. Where is that information now? With the enemy?

2) Her position on partial-birth abortion is an assault on every baby waiting to be born.

Donald Trump’s profane language will not kill babies. His choices for Supreme Court justices will save them. Naming justices is the main issue in the 2016 election. Presidents serve a short time. Justices sit for a lifetime.

America has yet to produce a woman in the mold of a Golda Meir or Margaret Thatcher. Until that time comes, let’s play it safe with Donald Trump and remember the babies.

Mary B. McClaine


Fall brings with it two impossible choices

Despite the beauty of the fall colors, this one is a sad season.

We have a presidential contest in which I want both contestants to lose.

We have a World Series in which I want both teams to win.


J.L. Maranville


Write-in option takes off across the nation

Hooray. Charles Krauthammer (Oct. 24 column, “No to Clinton. No to Trump. Deciding who to write in”), a nationally syndicated columnist from Washington D.C., has jumped onto my bandwagon (Sept. 9 letter, “Write in candidate to further special cause”).

My message of “make your vote count; write in” has gone nationwide.

Joel Nelson


GOP shouldn’t have endorsed Dem for DA

As a registered Republican and Montgomery County resident, I felt it necessary to write this letter admonishing my party for endorsing a Democrat for the position of district attorney.

To my understanding, the Republican-endorsed candidate, who again is a registered Democrat, already lost the nomination from her own party when she lost in the Democratic primary in September.

Has the Republican Party of this county decided that political maneuvering is above party principles? If so, it is a shame and the Republican Party can be sure that come November, I will not be supporting a Democrat running under the guise of the Republican Party.

David Casano



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