Answers on Scotia sewer raise questions

*Answers on Scotia sewer raise questions *Harkening back to a Gore-Bush situation *Let’s call ‘pay

Answers on Scotia sewer raise questions

In response to the Nov. 2 letter, “Get the facts correct on Scotia sewer plan,” I would like to thank Andrew Kohout for presenting more information on this subject. However, this raises more questions to me.

He states that the proposed sewer plant is eligible for zero-percent financing, which dramatically reduces the overall cost.

He also states that the sewage plant is to be paid from the sewer fund. I assume that this is part of the bill I pay to the village twice each year. How will this affect my bill?

If my bill is not raised due to the cost of the sewage plant, then I would consider it.

Gary Buczkowski


Let’s call ‘pay to play’ what it is: It’s bribery

These days we hear the term, “pay to play” all too often associated with various politicians at both the state and federal levels of government. Isn’t it about time called this activity simply, “bribery,” because that is what it is.

Use of the expression, “pay to play,” is consistent with so many expressions in use today by the way of political correctness. “Pay to play” removes the sharp edges of the word “bribery,” which is legally a felony. Let’s not forget that.

Sidney J. Woodcock


Harkening back to a Gore-Bush situation

Is it too partisan to hope for a hanging chad on Wednesday?

Art Henningson


New traffic patterns make matters worse

Re Nov. 4 article, “Exit 4 alleviates dangers,” by Stephen Williams: He is correct that some of the new changes have alleviated some of the dangers entering the circles to enter I-890 East when entering around Schenectady County Community College.

The first changes that were made were to lengthen the distance to the circle, which improved the time for traffic to transition from the right lanes to the left lanes before entering the circle.

They also reduced the number of lanes to one lane for each entry point approaching the circle.

This facilitated smoother transitions for all lanes to proceed thru the circle. However, they continued to muck things up when they added an exit ramp from I-890 directly into the circle. Everyone going to the circle to get to I-890 East must move to the left lanes.

Now everyone exiting into the circle must move to the right lanes to go to Erie Boulevard or to GE. All traffic is forced to cross lanes within the circle causing hazardous conditions similar to what all the construction was supposed to eliminate in the beginning.

The exit to GE, etc., should have been added beyond the circle and have its own dedicated route to GE, and Erie Boulevard. The Department of Transportation (DOT) said the original design of the ‘60s was poor; I say the new one isn’t much better.

A second area of problems is going to be the new “roulette wheel” in the road at Erie Boulevard and Nott Street. Here you play your “chits” and take your chances.

Now an additional road, traffic light and intersection has been added near that circle. And on top of it all, Erie Boulevard from State Street to Nott Street has never been repaved, or even repatched well. What is DOT thinking?

Welcome to our new casino.

Ed Hutchinson


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