Metroplex not using our tax money wisely

*Metroplex not using our tax money wisely *Paper should have supported protesters *Happy with outcom

Metroplex not using our tax money wisely

So, Metroplex is spending $210,000 to renovate a small, useless weigh station, and rather than tearing it down, striving to have it listed as a historic place.

People can’t afford to take care of their houses the way they should, in part because of oppressive taxes. Yet Metroplex feels we should be forced to pay for a building that will contribute nothing to our survival. Rather than subsidizing new construction and stuff we can’t use, Metroplex should be helping us to take care of the stuff we do use and eliminating zombie houses from the county.

It’s obvious that Metroplex has too much money and not enough sense to wisely spend it.

Jerry Moore


Paper should have supported protesters

The picture next to the Nov. 12 editorial showed young activists carrying a sign protesting the hate, racism, and sexism that Trump openly displays. Yet, the accompanying editorial somehow took a leap to label them babies who can’t accept election results.

Others have pointed out that Mr. Trump’s threats of not accepting election results and threats to jail his opponent severely undermine the democratic process. We can’t let any of these things become the “new normal.” These should transcend our political views, as they are an existential threat to our democracy.

You could do our community a service by helping us understand each others’ views and by helping us protect the democracy we love.

People marching with a sign promoting love and respect of minorities and women are no threat. Instead, The Gazette chose to be inflammatory and rather childish. I’m quite disappointed.

Paul Cuddihy

Ballston Lake

Happy with outcome of presidential race

Re the presidential election: How sweet it is.

Rich Kiffney


Trump doesn’t share our American ideals

This is in reply to Dan Ertel’s Nov. 11 letter, “America got tired of liberal regulations.” Seriously, Trump represents someone with American ideals?

Racism, sexism and bigotry are American ideals? What country do you live in? American ideals are living in a country where people are free to express their opinions, the First Amendment, in case you forgot.

To live without fear of oppression — Muslims for example. The only thing Trump is going to do is take this country back to the “Great Depression.”

Mr. Ertel, I hope you like living in this country then.

The problem with people who voted for Trump is they don’t care that he’s a bigoted, sexist, racist homophobe.

Karol Newton


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