Move food co-op to city of Schenectady

*Move food co-op to city of Schenectady *Can media still justify support of Clinton? *We owe Preside

Move food co-op to city of Schenectady

I am sorry to read that sales are slumping at the Niskayuna Co-op.

I wish I lived closer to a high-quality grocery store like the co-op, but my downtown apartment is three miles away. We have no real food store in downtown Schenectady, despite the increase in upscale apartments.

Here’s a long-shot suggestion: If the co-op were located downtown, it would not have to worry about close-by competition. As far as I know, neither Price Chopper nor ShopRite has plans for a downtown store.

Roger Sheffer


Can media still justify support of Clinton?

So even now I still read about the presidential election and how the front-runner Clinton lost it.

My question, Daily Gazette is, after printing many color cartoons vilifying her, how did you come to endorse her just days prior to the election?

Did you bother to actually read your own cartoons?

Now that middle-class America has spoken, I’m wondering, how do you, The Gazette and MSNBC and CNN and others, like the taste of egg on your face?

If you care to know, I will be happy to tell you exactly how and why she got trounced. Smart money says you don’t print this or any of the other similar letters you already received.

Joseph V. Leone


We owe President Trump our respect

Now that we have a new president, perhaps the climate of hate will subside. My candidate didn’t win, but America has decided, and as an American, I will honor our new president.

I do have fears for what will happen to things like Social Security and health care for those who can’t afford it. As a fairly wealthy person, I know my wife and I will have no problem making it through what the Republicans in Congress are planning to do. It is my hope President Trump follows through with his promise to change how Washington works and I am willing to help in any way if he asks.

The next four years will be challenging, as America will be at the brink of nuclear war and its sons and daughters may have to go into battle once more if there is anyone left after the bombs fall. My prayers are for President Trump to back off some of his talk of “bombing the hell out of them,” whoever “them” turns out to be.

House Speaker Paul Ryan has said on numerous occasions that he wants to privatize Social Security and do away with Medicare, and he now has the votes to do it and a president to sign and make it law. I will be writing to President Trump asking him to ask for God’s guidance and veto any legislation that would do this.

He will be our president, and we owe him the respect due. God bless America.

Gary Philip Guido


Don’t understand anti-Trump protesters

I can’t understand why all those young people are protesting Donald Trump as president elect. Is it because they all wanted Crooked Hillary as the new president?

I think that if those young people were in the military, they would understand why she was so bad with classified information as Secretary of State when it came down to the security of our United States and what she did with Benghazi.

Hillary lied to the FBI and all the citizens of this great country.

She should have been convicted with what she did with the emails and put in jail instead of the White House. She received what she deserved by being beat by Donald J. Trump.

I’m very glad to be in the basket of deplorables. For those that are burning the flag, I want to say that a lot of male and female members of the military gave their lives for what the flag stands for.

Mike LaMalfa

Phyllis Johnson


Support for Clinton charity will disappear

Now that the election is over, and the pay-to-play woman has been retired, I would like everyone to pay attention to something.

Do you doubt Hillary’s corruption? Here’s how to tell. Watch how much future money gets contributed to that shady Clinton Foundation.

Many millions have poured in from foreign governments and billionaires with agendas — all hoping Hillary would show appreciation by greasing skids.

Now that she has no influence, the contributions will collapse. Just watch. No amount of spinning can disguise an 80 percent drop in contributions.

Proof. Not that proof ever swayed a liberal.

Bill Denison

Burnt Hills


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