Trump lost without the Electoral College

*Trump lost without the Electoral College *Many reasons why protesters are upset *Americans deserve

Trump lost without the Electoral College

This is in response to Mr. Mike Blyskal’s Nov. 10 letter asking all readers to “get on the Trump train.”

One of the few political issues that he addressed as critical to him was the Electoral College, referring to it as “the antithesis of democracy.” I agree with his view on the Electoral College, but find it ironic that without it, Donald Trump would not be our president-elect. Trump lost the popular vote and will only be taking office as a result of the Electoral College system.

Considering this assault on our democracy, I’m assuming that Mr. Blyskal will now be renouncing Donald Trump’s recent “victory.”

My heart goes out to Vietnam veteran Paul Donohue and his wife (Nov. 11 letter). I’m hoping that one day, relatively soon, he will find that this is his country once again.

Michael Greene


Many reasons why protesters are upset

Re Nov. 12 letter, “Liberals just can’t see what really happened”: First I agree with everything Barry Groat wrote. As for the poll question about post-election protests, I think there are protests due to the following:

1) Democrats assumed opposite results (and many didn’t vote).

2) Districts that usually vote Democrat were ignored by Hillary. Polls led to complacency.

3) New fear that abortions will be banned.

4) New fear of wars (because Obama and Kerry were pushovers).

5) Many protesters wanted a woman president.

6) Many voters were misguided by media (including this paper) and polls that tried to say Trump didn’t have a chance.

7) Some actually believed in Hillary’s entitlement.

8) Many ignored Hillary’s blunders, home and abroad.

9) Blaming Trump is more popular than blaming Obama.

Hope this helps.

Richard Stevens

Ballston Spa

Americans deserve priority to foreigners

I’m writing concerning the fact that the political parties have let the American people down by not supporting our needs as a nation.

I just came from the Social Security office, where I was asked whether or not we had burial insurance or a vehicle in my son’s name. How should that fact be their business? I should be able to pay into my burial if I wanted to, and the family is penalized for the parent paying child support. How is that logical?

And people keep saying the system is broken with no fixing in sight. I don’t understand. Is everyone on drugs?

I have worked and paid into the system. What about all the foreigners living off of the system? Have they, who aren’t Americans, paid into the system? There should be a system for people who are Americans and one for foreigners who are new to this country.

We who have been born and bred here should have priority over newcomers.

Deborah Rembert


Can’t forgive Trump for mocking disabled

Trump made fun of the disabled. I have two severely disabled children. My son, Michael, died Aug. 9, 2013, from kidney failure. (I donated a kidney.) My daughter, Cheryl, had an accident and lives in a nursing home. She still cannot talk, walk, is blind and has been on a feeding tube for 19 years.

I saw the video. Videos do not lie. It was his voice and his gestures. I took it personally. I am very sorry, but I could never forgive him for this.

Concetta Cannizzaro


Take the time to be thankful for blessings

I want to know why people don’t celebrate Thanksgiving anymore.

The way things are now, people should be thankful for our freedom and everything we have. They are in too much of a hurry for Christmas. Thank God and everyone who was in the service.

Laura Hoose

Sharon Springs

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