Thanks for rescuing Steinmetz turtles

*Thanks for rescuing Steinmetz turtles*Trump cabinet picks pale in comparison*Clinton supporters


Thanks for rescuing Steinmetz turtles


A big thank you to Schenectady street department for repurposing the Steinmetz Park concrete turtles at the entrance to the dump at Foster Avenue. They bring back happy childhood memories of visiting the park for all the Baby Boomers who did so.

They are part of the Schenectady history. Hopefully the gate and the turtles will be panted in the spring so as to remain a tribute to Schenectady. Save those turtles.

Arlene Stankovich



Trump cabinet picks pale in comparison


In the recent past, America devalued two prestigious military experts: four-star Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal and four-star Gen. David Petraeus. These men each have an outstanding history in military expertise and leadership. These were two tremendous losses for our armed forces and national security.

Our government meted out very harsh punishment for their individual offenses. Decades of service and sacrifice to their country, America, suddenly can’t compare to lapses in personal behavior.

Now think how minuscule their behaviors are in comparison those of the chosen president-elect, Donald Trump.

Margaret M. Nixon



Clinton supporters acting like children


In response to June 20 letter, “GOP will rue the day it didn’t forfeit race” by Mr. Raymond Harris of Glenville: Let me first say that I do not speak for the GOP. I also do not speak for “the deplorables,” those conservative-minded folks who don’t go around protesting and defacing monuments when their candidate doesn’t win.

I am just someone with a long memory and will remember that the supporters of Hillary Clinton are nothing but spoiled children. They didn’t get their way. Oh, the inhumanity. Poor babies. I see that college students in Virginia are getting grief counseling. How pathetic.

We had to endure eight years under you-know-who, and we sucked it up. Those who spoke out against his heavy-handed, undemocratic executive orders were branded racist. Really? I thought anyone could act like an idiot. Apparently, only white folks can.

We conservative-minded folks realize that you social progressives consider yourselves much smarter than us, and we should just let you tell us what to eat, what to wear, how much money we are allowed to have in our possession, and certainly for whom we are allowed to vote.

Maybe, once you get your One-World-Order, you can eliminate that messy voting thing altogether. Then everyone in America can just be happy as clams. I would be remiss if I didn’t point out one error from your letter. Those “I-want-everything-for-free” groups which you stated were Trump supporters, aren’t; they are your voter base. And a large portion of your voter base must be tired of the free stuff and want better for their families because they became Republicans on Nov. 8.

It is almost five months since your prediction; and you were just as accurate as every self-important, biased media outlet. There is supposed to be a large contingent of your Hollywood groupies leaving the country; you might want to consider joining them, if you are so inclined. Or you can suck it up, and try to make America great again.

Jeff Falace



Use military to stop illegal immigration


Instead of making a wall of concrete, why not bring our people in the military in the countries that hate us back and use them along the borders to keep out the illegal immigrants? It’s costing us plenty to protect them.

And why doesn’t Canada help along their border next to ours? We get a lot of illegal immigrants from there also. Instead of giving illegal immigrants citizenship, why not give the ones that come here legally citizenship first?

Those that are protesting should thank all of those that gave up their life for that right.

James Maxfield



Listen to family of Alzheimer’s patient


Dear Medical Community,

Our dad has Alzheimer’s disease. He is pleasant, compliant and relatively aware. He won’t press his call button or ask for pain meds because he gets lost in the very moment he is experiencing and forgets that you told him to do that.

As inconvenient as it is, you’ll just have to check in on him from time to time. He knows his name, the name of the president, and where he is, because those are the same three questions each one of you asks each time you “assess” him. But if you expect him to remember the 35-second communication bomb you just threw at him, he won’t.

He will, however, become agitated and anxious about the one sentence he does retain.

We understand that in your small moments of acquaintance, he seemed “fine.” But we know him so much better than you do. Please listen to us when we tell you that he doesn’t understand and you are confusing him.

We get that you think we are pains in the neck. You’ve made that perfectly clear by the way you’ve been ignoring our input. We will continue to be “difficult” because you are entrusted with the care of our most precious loved one and that is no small thing.

We know that you are competent in your field. If we didn’t think that, he wouldn’t be in your hospital bed. But when it comes to the day-to-day care of our loved one, we are immeasurably better educated.

Please put away your patronizing and arrogant discounting and hear what we are telling you. If we work together, Dad will get the best care.

Lisa McHeard



Stay neutral to avoid incivility from readers


While reading your Nov. 20 editorial, “How about showing some civility, people!”, it became a humorous moment for me. You should have known better. Your paper is read by liberals and conservatives. Endorsing either party is a slap in the face to the people in the opposing party.

You may recall the article I sent regarding USA Today’s founder, stating: He was sadden by his paper endorsing Hillary over Trump, after not endorsing anyone for over 23 years.

Hopefully, by the 2020 election, you will have learned your lesson by staying neutral. That way, you won’t have to write an editorial chastising the incivility of your opposing readers.

Vince Alescio

Clifton Park


Grateful for support of veterans fundraiser


As a result of the first annual James Van Auken Veterans Memorial Fundraiser, held at our restaurant on Nov. 7, we are proud to announce we raised over $4,300. The money raised will be used for veterans in our community to assist them with any emergencies or needs during this holiday time.

I would like to thank all the small businesses that donated gift cards and prizes. I would also like to thank the following: The American Legion Post #1450 Ladies Auxiliary, Shawn Lyons, Girl Scouts of Ballston Spa, the wonderful men from Air National Guard Base in Schenectady, and most of all to our staff who gave so generously of their time.

I was certainly humbled by the support of our amazing customers, who gave from their hearts to make this such a success.

Inspiration for this fundraiser came from my late husband, James Van Auken, who served with valor in Vietnam from 1965-1968 with the U.S. Army. Jim was born in 1945 and died from Agent Orange on Nov. 9, 1991, and was buried on Nov. 11, 1991, Veterans Day.

I would like to thank you, on behalf of myself, my son, Scott, and the entire Ravenswood staff and to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Again, with a grateful and humble heart, many thanks.

God bless the U.S.A. and all who served and are now serving.

Stephanie Van Auken

Clifton Park


Nothing good comes out of name-calling


Re Nov. 12 editorial, “Protesters displaying disrespect for electoral process”: Staff opinions concerning the ongoing demonstrations that have sprung up in cities across the nation in the wake of the election of Donald Trump.

As a member of the Fourth Estate, you certainly have the constitutional right to express your opinion concerning the merits of these demonstrations and, in fact, you have the right to engage in name calling.

You had a right to call the demonstrators “crybabies” in endorsing Rudy Giuliani’s name calling, but why would you? In fact, alongside our editorial, you placed a photo of high school students demonstrating. By doing so, you called our children, our grandchildren, a bunch of crybabies.

One of the points of your editorial is to think rationally before taking misguided (in your opinion) action. Please take your own advice to heart. Nothing good comes from name calling.

William B. Cook





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