America is officially morally bankrupt

*America is officially morally bankrupt *Remember sacrifices of police and veterans *Great respon...

America is officially morally bankrupt

There is no excuse for supporting sexual assault.

The electorate has just elevated to the highest office in the land a man who admits to having fondled women without their consent.

The jihadists are right: America is morally bankrupt.

Michael Boehm


Remember sacrifices of police and veterans

As time goes on, hopefully everyone will realize the importance of law enforcement officers. These dedicated people put their lives on the line every time they go to work.

It takes a special kind of person to go into this kind of work. We must all be grateful to them, as they make our lives a lot safer in more ways than one. We should all understand the sacrifices these officers and their families go through on a daily basis, not knowing what the day’s work has in store for them.

I know from experience, as I was a police officer for a short time way back with the Saratoga Police Department and in the military police during World War II. It wasn’t easy then and it’s many times worse now.

So when you see someone in this line of work on duty, you can smile, nod and say thank you for keeping us safe. The same should be said to all veterans from all wars as without veterans. We would not be living in a free country as we are today. God bless our law enforcement officers and our veterans.

Sid Gordon


Great response from police on mall gunfire

For the first time we have witnessed a shooting incident which occurred at the Crossgates Mall.

We have also had to chance to see what kind of a response the police would give. The combined efforts by all the police from different agencies was very, very impressive.

We the people of this area are very proud of our law enforcement with the way they protected us.

Walter “Neal” Brazell


Show respect for all in wake of election

We, who are leaders in various faith communities in the Schenectady area, call on all residents of our area to show respect and understanding during these days of political transition.

We affirm the sanctity that exists in all people and encourage others to do the same.

May those who feel afraid because of their gender, religion, race, sexual orientation, country of origin or their political views should be reassured that the freedoms clearly stated in the Constitution will not yield to emotions of this political climate. May those who are empowered by the election act with conscientious dignity.

We are a people rooted in faith. As a part of our traditions and religious identities, we acknowledge and celebrate the freedom and dignity of all persons. This affirmation is echoed in the highest ideals of our country’s Constitution.

We call upon those in position of civic and moral leadership to model sincere and upright conduct; both in public and in private. We implore all to be respectful to one another. As Americans, we value the guiding principle of freedom of speech, but we call on all of us to use it with wisdom and forbearance. We expect that all citizens will be respectful of the laws of this country. We deplore the use of bigotry, racism, sexism or discrimination of any sorts in our community.

We encourage all people to openly denounce incendiary speech, rooted in hatred. May we all be blessed with listening hearts, and step into a tomorrow together with a commitment to hear one another.

Rabbi Matt Cutler

Iman Genghis Khan


The writers are, respectively, of Congregation Gates of Heaven and the Schenectady County Jail. The letter was also signed by numerous other religious leaders in the area.


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