Madhouse situations call upon our courage


 A person said to me recently, “Everywhere you look, it’s a madhouse.” Global threats, mountains burning, terrorists lurking. Fear is enveloping everyone. Yet, each situation becomes an opportunity for love to shine.
White helmets pulling victims out of the rubble in Aleppo.
Firefighters working diligently in the Appalachians. Then there’s the opposition at Standing Rock. People from around the globe showed up and demonstrated. Two officers who saw how the protestors were being treated turned in their badges, saying, “I didn’t sign up for this.” Being ethical showed up.
 Unarmed Native Americans faced cold water, rubber bullets and being placed in pens. There, was determination. Courage showed up. Former military vets arrived by the thousands offering their assistance, offering apologies to the elders. There, healing happened. The very best in people showed up.
 Prayers were said throughout the world. Each ugly situation is an invitation asking our best self to show up. Shock jocks rant. People vent when they gather. We sit in our cozy houses clicking “like” on our news feeds, signing online petitions, offering prayers from our armchairs.
 When will our courage show up?
Karen York


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