We’ll all pay price for believing Trump’s lies

Your children will not thank you for the “new abnormal” Trump reality show about to unfold.


Thanks white women and workers who foolishly believed Donald Trump about restoring manufacturing jobs and untruths about Hillary, Mexicans and Muslims. Thanks media for trying to “normalize” Trump, who never will be the same caliber as Hillary. Trump remains narcissistic, misogynistic, racist and totally unprepared for any government position, let alone the presidency.

Republicans have been preaching for decades that we cannot trust government or the media. The public is now too easily duped by “fake” news stories and accusations which are rarely fact-checked.

A huge swath of voters only listens to social media and cable “news,” and rarely reads a credible newspaper or pursues alternative views. If they did fact check Trump, they would realize that he lied throughout his campaign. Trump voters will realize that there is no market for coal and that renewable energy generates many more jobs than fossil fuels.

We will pay the price of a Republican-controlled government, which will undermine climate change agreements, the Affordable Care Act, consumer protections, pollution control, Social Security and Medicare, as well as worker protections.

Look at Republican voting records locally and in Congress. Virtually all Republican legislators protect corporate interests and support the wealthy, not the middle class and the poor. Those who supported Trump, with their delusional beliefs and rigid denial, will soon witness a series of destructive changes in our government that will impact the country for decades to come.

Your children will not thank you for the “new abnormal” Trump reality show about to unfold.



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