Why did City Council appoint the winner?



In covering the swearing-in ceremony for Schenectady’s new council member, Karen Zalewski-Wildzunas, Gazette reporter Brett Samuels noted in his article that she was appointed to a vacant City Council seat and she ran for offi ce in the recent election.

I know the council appointed her to the vacancy during the Nov. 17 City Council meeting. The election was held on Nov. 8. Wasn’t the election result valid?

Miss Zalewski-Wildzunas got a free ride to the election process because she did not submit the usual petitions required to access the ballot. Why wasn’t an exception applicable for every person who wanted to run for the vacancy?

Please do your readers a service and explain the inconsistencies. Schenectady city offi cials never miss a hanky-panky.



Editor’s Note: The political parties were entitled to nominate their own candidates for the vacancy because Councilman John Ferrari resigned so close to the election. Potential candidates were invited to apply for the parties’ nominations. As for why Zalewski-Wildzunas was appointed to the seat on Nov. 17, it’s because the term she won on Nov. 8 doesn’t offi cially start until January. To fi ll the Ferrari vacancy in the interim, the council waited until after the election and appointed the winner.

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