Trump is unqualified, unfit and unhinged

Shame on those who voted for this buffoon

For all of you who voted for Trump and believe that he “saved” all those jobs at Carrier, do the math: 300 jobs that were supposedly “saved” were never going to Mexico in the first place. However, nearly 1,300 jobs are going to Mexico where Carrier makes furnaces, not air conditioners. And the taxpayers of Indiana have been conned to the tune of $7 million over the course of 10 years. Zero jobs were “saved.” Wow, that’s negotiation — or not.

And that brings us to the proposed Secretary of Labor, Andrew Pudzer, who opposes the minimum wage and overtime pay. He also wants to automate the hamburger business. This is good for the American worker?

Quoting Timothy Egan in an Dec. 9 op-ed in The New York Times, “What is the plan of an education secretary [Betsy DuVos] who doesn’t believe in public education? Why put a man [Tom Price] who wants to take away public health care in charge of public health? And please expose the crackpot theorizing behind a climate-change skeptic [Scott Pruitt] picked to run the EPA.”

In plainer words, you have voted for a regime that is against science, knowledge, information disclosure, honesty, workers’ wages, a decent public education and affordable health care. Then there’s Ben Carson for HUD with no experience, and Jeff Sessions for attorney general, who was turned down for a federal judgeship because of his racism. What a motley crew.

You voted for a bully, a bigot, a racist, a narcissist, a misogynist and a pathological liar who has unleashed all manner of hatred in our country. His vulgar language and disrespect for women, minorities, Muslims and members of the military are well documented. And soon, this 70-year-old petulant adolescent will be sworn in as the 45th president, and he is still unfit, unqualified and unhinged.

He is more upset by Alec Baldwin’s satire on SNL than the myriad problems facing these United States. And you voted for this buffoon. Shame on you.

Cynthia Swanson


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