Ice fishing? Take your garbage with you

And be careful where you park

I did a drive-by of Saratoga Lake and there are a number of ice-fishing anglers on the southern end, and off of Fitch Road. And speaking of Fitch Road; A reminder for those of you who are parking there — take your garbage with you. Officials talked about not allowing any parking there last winter due to the garbage tossed on the ground, and I am sure they will be watching again this year.

From the vehicles I saw parked along the road at the north end of Lake Lonely on Route 9P, I have to believe they are chopping holes and fishing for pike. They are also walking on water on Cossayuna and the Great Sacandaga lakes.

Speaking of ice fishing, I saw something new that you ice anglers should like — a new way to carry your live bait. It’s called the Carlyd Fishing’s

Genie Jar. It is a 17-“.or 30-ounce hard plastic jar that you fill with water and your desired bait. The floating basket inside brings the bait to your fingertips.

This entrapped basket keeps the bait confined in the jar when pouring out stale water, and keeps the bait active with the fresh water. The benefits include no more bait nets, wet hands or lost bait. Check it out at


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