Trump could rightly claim Obama created ISIS

One could argue he unwittingly spawned ISIS

 Donald Trump has claimed that Obama created ISIS. The program “Frontline” has broadcast several shows that touch on that very issue.
 In January 2012, the Arab Spring was under way in the Middle East. Sunnis in Syria were peacefully demonstrating for better living conditions. President Bashar al-Assad (a Shiite) responded by violently attacking them. The Sunnis then demonstrated for his resignation. His response was to begin killing them.
 Obama urged Assad to stop the killing and resign. Assad heightened the violence by deploying helicopter gunships, MIG fighter bombers, and artillery against the rebels. Al-Qaida infiltrated from Iraq to support the rebels. In 2012, Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford urged Obama to provide military support to the pro-Western rebels or Al-Qaida would dominate. Obama refused.
 In 2013, Assad indiscriminately bombed schools, hospitals and bread lines. Obama said if Assad uses chemical weapons, that is a red line. Assad’s answer was to disregard Obama’s red line and use chemical weapons. In response, Obama had attack plans prepared and planes ready to launch. The rebels wanted his support. Obama backed down by seeking congressional approval, which was never forthcoming.
 When Obama blinked, the pro-Western opposition groups were effectively marginalized and displaced by more extremist elements like al-Qaida, which morphed into ISIS. ISIS then invaded Iraq, capturing Mosul and other cities, declaring a caliphate, and promoting international terrorism.
 So one can argue that Obama unwittingly spawned ISIS by his lack of action in 2012 and 2013. I think that is why Donald Trump has claimed that Obama created ISIS. What is the current situation? Per the United Nations, half (11 million) of the Syrian population displaced and 250,000 to 400,000 dead.
Dick Vale

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