Government and media need to provide us with facts

Russia and the U.S. have worked together in the past

The government and mainstream media need to tell facts, not propaganda, to avoid military confrontations.
I see unfairness in the way the Western media and the U.S. government control the news. I’m referring to mainstream U.S. media, especially TV news broadcasts, the nation’s top newspapers, specifically The New York Times and The Washington Post, and the Obama administration. They simply do not tell us everything and/or present us with facts. They are just opinions, which aren’t grounded on evidence, but often on revenge and/or spite.
 So, now the Obama administration has blamed Russia for influencing the presidential election. Hence, they blame Russia for Trump’s win.
 I smelly hypocrisy. The U.S. spies on other nations and gets away with it. Not too long ago, this year, the United States spied on its own allies, the European Union! They listened on Angela Merkel’s cell conversations. What did the Germans do to retaliate against Washington? Our intelligence has made mistakes in the past, and/or told lies. Why should we believe them now?
 The U.S. government fabricated evidence and accused Saddam Hussein of having WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) and terrorist ties. Which were never proved. We invaded Iraq, destroyed that country, killing millions, losing over 5,000 Americans. And now you want me to believe this? Sorry, I can’t. This is all propaganda.
 Trump won because the Democratic Party machine doesn’t listen to the people and doesn’t care for the needs of the people, but cares only about the interests of corporate America. Who influenced the Senate races? Why did Republicans win the Senate back? Was it because of the Russians? The Chinese? Governments and mainstream media need to tell the truth, facts, not fiction and lies. Because deceit brings confrontation and eventually leads to wars, destruction and misery.
 I’m thankful for the internet. It isn’t controlled by the U.S. media and the government, which seems to have at its major aim; confrontation, provocation and eventually world domination.
 I’m not naive, and I’m not defending Russia, because they have made mistakes in the past. But we must remember history; Russia has worked with the United States in the past to defeat common enemies, such as during World War II. Why can’t we do the same today? We have terrorist threats, pollution and global warming, 65 million refugees and nuclear proliferation.
 For the next year, I hope and pray that our leaders, and the people who provide us the news, find the courage to tell the whole story and the truth, based on facts, not on spite, anger or hate.

Ottavio Lo Piccolo

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