Pleased with care at Ellis emergency room

Sorry I didn't have more faith from the beginning

As a recently retired RN from Ellis Hospital, I have heard and read all the nightmarish stories regarding the emergency room.

I was apprehensive when my father went to the ER recently, but even moreso as he arrived during the 6:45 a.m. change of shift. I couldn’t have been more mistaken. The nurse going off duty came in immediately to admit my father. As she left, the day nurse took over. It was seamless.

The nurses (Bonnie, Steve and Lisa) were professional and friendly, with just the right amount of humor where appropriate. The doctors (Dr. Mooney and Dr. Schvachuk) were caring and kind. The nurses and doctors listened to all we had to communicate, including medical data and our emotional concerns. They were not rushing us, and all responded to our requests and concerns promptly.

I think listening to the patients and families could be the most important part of the treatment. They outlined their plan, which was immediately acted upon. Many thanks to all of them. I’m sorry I didn’t have more faith from the beginning.



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