Sean Rowe back on stage, and back to nature

Singer-songwriter at The Hangar Friday night
Sean Rowe
Sean Rowe

Troy singer-songwriter Sean Rowe is on the run this winter.

He’ll play his first show of the year Friday at The Hangar on the Hudson, located at 675 River St., Troy.
The show, which will start at 8 p.m., has already sold out.

There’s a good bet fans will hear Rowe’s “To Leave Something Behind,” which was used in this fall’s Ben Affleck film “The Accountant.”

Rowe loved the song’s inclusion in the movie.

“The director ( Gavin O’Connor)  was a big fan of mine,” Rowe said. “I had heard about it a long time ago that they were possibly going to use it in the film, but the way the politics are in the film industry you never know if it’s going to get placed in there until sometimes the last minute. That was the case with me.”

Rowe has bunches of other notions in mind for the Hangar audience.

“I’ve been working on some new cover songs,” he said. “I got really inspired by this book by Springsteen that just came out, it’s such a good book, man, ‘Born to Run.’ I could relate to so many things in that book. He wrote the book so he talk about it like if you were a musicians and you were sort of growing up into this lifestyle, you would definitely want to know this stuff.”

Rowe will switch gears in February and do something nutty. An expert in wilderness foraging, Rowe will conduct a class in acorn processing in Saratoga Springs. Harvesting, drying, cracking, shelling and grinding will all be covered, and acorn flour will be one of ingredients used as class members bake a banana bread that is heavy on natural ingredients.

He’ll soon release a new album, and he had plenty of partners in production. He asked friends and fans to support the project through Kickstarter, an online fundraising site. People responded — 510 backers pledged $50,620 to put Rowe back into the recording studio.

Rowe never expected such a strong response.

“I just was really, really floored with the amount of support we got,” he said.

“I’ve always been tied to the idea of having each record sound different from the one before it,” Rowe said, on his Kickstarter page, “and there’s no exception with this one. My writing on this one is really reflective of the story that I’ve been living out over the past few years – as a musician, a father and a human trying to navigate this crazy world.”

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Sean Rowe
WHEN: 8 p.m. Friday
WHERE: The Hangar on the Hudson, 675 River St., Troy
HOW MUCH: Show is sold out.
MORE INFO: Hangar on the Hudson/Facebook



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