Rams grateful for helping make show a success


 On behalf of the Amsterdam High School (AHS) Marching Rams, boosters and alumni, we would like to thank Amsterdam Mayor Mike Villa, the Hagaman Fire Department, the Amsterdam Police Department, the Department of Public Works, AHS Marching Ram band directors and majorette adviser for helping to make our show, “Light Up the Sky with the Marching Rams,” a huge success.
 Special thanks to Sean Hardies for keeping our lights glowing for the past 18 years. From 10 generators to circuit breakers — progress.
 Thank you to WCSS for advertising our final show on the radio and Channel News 9 for their wonderful coverage of our final show. Also thank you to the Leader-Herald, The Daily Gazette and the Recorder for advertising. It was greatly appreciated.
 Thank you to all of the school districts in Montgomery County and beyond for allowing us to distribute our flyers to their students. We appreciated it very much. Many students from near and far drove through our unique show. Thank you to all who donated printed flyers. Without your help, we would not have been able to reach so many children. It was greatly appreciated.
 Many thanks to everyone who donated paint and wood to make the beautiful displays. Thank you to everyone who donated food for the workers during the show. It kept us warm while working out in the cold from Dec. 1-23. Also, thank you to those who donated all of the food for Catholic Charities Food Pantry and the tremendous amount of toys for Toys for Tots in Montgomery and Fulton counties.
 Special thanks to all of the Marching Rams, Marching Rams alumni, boosters, booster alumni and community members who worked on weekends and during the week to set-up all the displays, electrical leads, lights and floods and then worked the show every night. We appreciate you braving the extremely cold weather with occasional snow in order to allow all who enter to enjoy our unique show.
 Together we raised over $420,000 for the AHS Marching Rams to use towards their upcoming trips.
 To all or our neighbors bordering the premises, a special thank you for your patience during the duration of the show. We greatly appreciate it.
 Another year of creating tourism for Montgomery County. Many people who drove through our show mentioned eating at local restaurants and shopping in our stores. I’m sure they utilized our gas stations to gas up their vehicles before heading home, too.
 “Light Up The Sky With the Marching Rams” has run successfully for 18 years, for your enjoyment and holiday spirit. We wish everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year. Thank you for supporting the AHS Marching Rams — the ambassadors and pride of Amsterdam.
Linda Selbert
Misty Nicholas
The writers are, respectively, chairperson and booster co-chair.

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