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Senator should quit over gun show quote

Her arguent just makes no sense

I am calling for the resignation of Sen. Kathy Marchione. Due to her latest comments regarding the Second Amendment, I fear Ms. Marchione is not fit to continue in office.

Per a Jan. 12 Gazette article [“Gun show to return after all”], Ms. Marchione’s “Thousands of proud, patriotic gun owners have walked through the doors of the Saratoga Springs City Center, visited the gun show, exercised their God-given Second Amendment rights and supported our local economy” by attending past Saratoga Springs City Center gun shows.

I am concerned that our senator is either outright lying or cannot comprehend a simple sentence.

The Second Amendment states: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Nowhere in that sentence does it mention gun shows, or even sale of guns for that matter.

How can we trust someone who wraps themselves in a legal clause without even reading it, or worse yet understanding it? How can she be trusted to comprehend complex legislation?

The actual residents of city of Saratoga Springs have spoken loudly, clearly, and most important legally: “We don’t want gun shows in our city.” If you were to believe Ms. Marchione’s logic, then retailers would be required to sell guns or they would be in violation of the Second Amendment. “Would you like a Glock 17 with that latte?” “How about an AK-47 with your groceries?”

Her argument is absurd and just makes no sense.

Either Sen. Marchione is deceiving her constituents, which I think is an impeachable offense, or she needs to submit to medical examinations to continue in office.


Saratoga Springs

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