Embattled Schenectady police sergeant resigns

He had been suspended since October
Schenectady police sergeant Jonathan Moore, left, and Anthony Aubin.
Schenectady police sergeant Jonathan Moore, left, and Anthony Aubin.

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SCHENECTADY — Embattled city police Sgt. Jonathan Moore resigned Tuesday from the force, more than three months after being connected to an accused car dealership scam artist, his department said.

The resignation ends any internal police probe against Moore related to his actions in Schenectady, Police Chief Eric Clifford said Tuesday.

The Colonie police investigation of Moore and the alleged scam artist, Anthony Aubin, continues, Colonie police said. Lt. Robert Winn, a spokesman for the Colonie department, said he only learned of Moore’s resignation after the announcement.

Moore had been suspended with pay since October. That’s when Colonie police closed in on Aubin over allegations he attempted to scam car dealerships there out of expensive cars.

Aubin continues to face felony forgery counts and remained in custody Tuesday.

The case also included salacious allegations, including a reported statement from Moore that he agreed to work in the porn industry and that Moore used a closed police computer system for personal use. Clifford has said both actions would violate department policy.

Aubin, 26, of Clifton Park, lived with Moore in Schenectady in the months before Aubin’s arrest, and Moore accompanied Aubin to two of the dealerships, authorities have said. Moore has not been charged in connection with the scheme, and Winn has said police were treating him as a witness, not a suspect.

Colonie police have said Moore may have been ensnared in Aubin’s scheme through fake identities and false information presented by Aubin, who may have used Moore to add legitimacy to the plan.

Winn, however, has said police were awaiting analysis of several electronic devices to confirm that stance. Those results have been received and are now in the hands of the Albany County District Attorney’s Office, but no determination has been made on how the case will proceed, Winn said.

A district attorney’s spokeswoman only confirmed Tuesday that Aubin’s case is pending. She offered no updates on Moore’s status.

The Schenectady police internal investigation had been largely on hold, Clifford has said. Internal investigators wanted to learn the final determination by Colonie investigators before proceeding with any discipline against Moore.

It was unclear why Moore chose to resign Tuesday. The date put him past his nine-year work anniversary — he was sworn in to the force in January 2008 and later rose to the rank of sergeant. Moore, 35, made more than $75,000 in base pay in 2015 and expanded that total to just under $125,000 through overtime, city records show.

In his statement to police, Moore allegedly said he’d known Aubin for nearly a decade, and that the two had “hooked up” previously. They developed a friendship, and Aubin moved in as a roommate.

The statement didn’t address their relationship beyond that.

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