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Suspicious of special election in Saratoga

Keep Saratoga the way it is

Not again. After protesting in New York City last week [Jan. 21], I came home to Saratoga Springs and found, unbeknownst to me and most of Saratoga, that Pat Kane’s charter change group is at it again calling for a special election to sneak through a new type of city government.

I’m always suspicious of the words “special election,” which in many cases is a way to bring controversial and unpopular propositions before a limited number of people at a time when they do not traditionally vote.

Special elections are usually done for the explicit purpose of trying to pass something before the public is even aware that there is to be a vote.

And this non-emergency special election is the third attempt in the past 10 years to scuttle our successful commission form of government.

I am a very progressive person who welcomes change if it is beneficial. But why change something that works so well for our taxpayers to an unproven concept dreamed up by a small group with almost no input from citizens?

People are moving into Saratoga Springs because it is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Let’s keep it that way. Suspicious of special election in Saratoga.


Saratoga Springs

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