Bid opening set for Schenectady train station

Earlier bid rejected as too high
New train station construction in Schenectady.
New train station construction in Schenectady.

Bids on the first of two contracts for construction of a new Schenectady Amtrak station will be opened on March 30, according to the state Department of Transportation.

The contract will cover concrete work, including a new passenger platform, and demolition of the current station, according to a notice on DOT’s website. Bidding documents will become available for contractors to review on Tuesday, Feb. 22, according to the notice.

State DOT Commissioner Matthew Driscoll, in a visit to the station last week, said the first contract is expected to cost about $6 million, and will be followed this fall by bidding on a second contract that will cover actual construction of the new station. Driscoll estimated the cost of that contract at $9 million.

Driscoll said he expects the long-planned new station to be finished by late 2018.

The new bids will follow a year-long delay caused when a bid for all parts of the contract came in at $24 million in March 2016 — $10 million more than the state and federal governments had budgeted. Since then, the plans have been redesigned, and Amtrak agreed to build a $1.2 million temporary platform in lieu of the temporary station the first plan called for. That platform is now under construction just north of the current platform, on the north side of Liberty Street.

Gov Andrew Cuomo highlighted the station replacement in one of his State of the State speeches last month, and visited the station with Driscoll on Feb. 8. He has pledged up to $15 million in state budget, in addition to $10 million in federal money already allocated for the new station, some of which has gone toward design work.

“The total state commitment is $15 million,” said DOT spokeswoman Jennifer Post.

The work will be going on at the same time that an Amtrak contractor completes construction of a second rail track between Schenectady and the Rensselaer-Albany Amtrak station, a three-year, $91 million project expected to wrap up this fall.

Both the second track project and new Schenectady station are part of plans to upgrade the Empire Corridor passenger service between New York City and Niagara Falls.

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