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Pi Day memory challenge to be rescheduled due to impending storm

He was to try to break world record in Saratoga Springs
Brad Zupp.
Brad Zupp.

Editor’s Note: Brad Zupp has decided to reschedule his Pi Matrix challenge record attempt due to the winter storm expected to hit the region Tuesday. In a posting on his Facebook page, Zupp said he would provide details of the new date, once it has been chosen.

Are you ready for Pi Day? Washington County memory expert Brad Zupp sure is.

The Greenwich resident planned to attempt to set a world record on Tuesday — March 14, or 3/14 — to raise awareness about math and learning. However, due to a winter storm expected to hit on Tuesday, he has postponed the feat, according to a posting on his Facebook page.

Zupp is targeting a record that has been called “The Everest of Memorization Tests.” He has to know the first 10,000 digits of Pi in five-digit segments, as well as be able to identify each segment instantly.

He will be given 50 random segments and be tested on the five digits before and after.

“I want to inspire people to exercise their minds and learn more than they thought possible,” he said.

Learn more about Pi Day here.


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