Many reasons to vote no on Shen land sale

Why is "no" the right decision?

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The fate of a unique parcel for passive recreation for everyone in southern Saratoga County is in the hands of the voters of the Shenendehowa school district in a referendum on April 4.

Four members of the school board voted to sell surplus 34 acres for yet more commercial development. The land is the last remaining large wood lot in the Exit 9 commercial corridor — the already bustling urban core of southern Saratoga County. This decision represents short-sighted thinking.

Fortunately, three board members took a community-oriented view and opposed the sale. Their no vote deserves broad-based community support.

Why is “no” the right decision?

First, there are places across this country that would leap to preserve such land. Second, the land is already in public hands — a transfer from the school to municipality would have no impact town or county property taxes. Third, half of the land is undevelopable wetlands, not a bargaining chip. Fourth, if only half of the parcel is developable, one can easily imagine a contrived and cramped site layout. Most importantly, this forest’s preservation leaves a legacy for the children of southern Saratoga County.

Vote “no” in the upcoming referendum.


Clifton Park

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