Ballston Spa

Support Morrissey, Henry, Couture in village election

If you read the Democratic candidates' ideas, they obviously approve of the job we've done. 

I’ve been honored to serve as mayor of Ballston Spa since 1995 and am proud of the successes of our Board of Trustees.  Since I appointed Ron Henry to fill a Board opening last year, he has taken an impressively active role in the village’s operations.  Bruce Couture, who served on Milton’s Town Board, left that position to assist us in helping the village.  Bruce’s long village affiliation and public service history make him tremendously qualified as a Trustee.  For Village Justice, I appointed Judge Michael Morrissey in 2014, and his fairness and abilities on the bench led to his election soon after.

If you read the Democratic candidates’ ideas, they obviously approve of the job we’ve done. 

Voters, please remember the strength of our village and my team’s constant solving of problems concerning our residents’ health, safety, and welfare.  On March 21, elect Ron Henry and Bruce Couture as Trustees, and ensure the Village Court’s fairness continues by re-electing Judge Morrissey.

John Romano

Ballston Spa


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