Three ways to improve political system

There is no reason why in a supposed democracy that the presidential election shouldn’t be based on the popular vote
How to improve the U.S. political system: We can honestly say that Americans have the best political system that money can buy, and of course, that is what is wrong with it — it’s bought and paid for by the wealthy interests that have had increasingly more influence in recent years.

There are three things that would dramatically improve American politics if we have the courage to demand them. First, do away with the Electoral College; it’s a vestige of the times where most voters were illiterate and the “common man” (since women did not vote) was not trusted to make such important decisions without a safeguard in place.

There is no reason why in a supposed democracy that the presidential election shouldn’t be based on the popular vote, as are all of the other elections in our country.

Secondly, impose realistic term limits that will give senators and congressmen enough potential time in office to have an impact and to develop some experience, but will ensure that we do away with career politicians who make a very good living spending most of their time and effort trying to get re-elected.

Our Founding Fathers would be mortified with the idea that most politicians today are in it as a career rather than as an opportunity for public service following which they would return to their regular lives and jobs. 

Thirdly, have elections where voters rank order their preferences, and then have a runoff for the two highest candidates. This would make third parties a truly viable option and would allow voters to avoid the “least of two bad options” scenario we have seen recently.

 Of course, expecting that incumbent politicians will support any of these options is very unrealistic because they have a vested interest in keeping the system in place that has worked for them. We must support candidates who are committed to changing the system. We must support those who do not just give glib reasons why they agree with us, but cannot change the system because of some supposed reason that they try to hide behind. Come on folks — enough is enough.

Rudy Nydegger

Clifton Park



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