Postal clerk accused of taking $1,000 money order


ALBANY — A Schenectady woman working as a post office clerk stole a $1,000 money order from the Sprakers office where she worked, authorities said.

Naisha Wiley, 34, was arrested this week and charged with one federal count of misappropriation of postal funds. She appeared in court Tuesday and was released to return later.

She is accused of issuing a money order to herself valued at $1,000 without paying for it, according to papers filed in federal court in Albany.

Wiley served as a part-time sales and service associate for the postal service starting in October 2015. She worked at several post offices in the region as a fill-in clerk, including at the small post office in Sprakers, Montgomery County.

Postal inspectors began investigating her in late 2016 for possibly taking money orders. She is accused of taking the $1,000 money order on Feb. 2.

Surveillance video from that day showed Wiley completing a money order with no customers present and without paying for it, then taking it with her at the end of the day, according to papers.

The money order was cashed nine days later in the Bronx by another woman. Court documents state the money order was purchased by an individual on Route 163 in Sprakers, according to court documents.

Wiley also purchased a money order March 11, completing it herself, according to papers. Though that wasn’t a crime, an affidavit indicates it is a postal service administrative offense.

If convicted of the charge, Wiley could receive up to a year in jail or as little as probation.

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