Man accused in swastika case posts bail

Defendant spent 9 days in jail
Andrew King stands in the doorway of his Chiswell Avenue home Feb. 10, 2017.
Andrew King stands in the doorway of his Chiswell Avenue home Feb. 10, 2017.

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The man accused of lying to police about swastikas painted on his house was released on bail last week, records show.

Andrew King, 54, had been held since his March 20 arrest on $500 bail. He posted that bail March 29 and was released after spending about nine days in custody, officials said.

King appeared in court Monday and learned that the public defender’s office can no longer represent him due to a conflict. He is due back in court later this month for a new attorney to be assigned.

King faces a misdemeanor charge of falsely reporting an incident. Police said he told them someone spray-painted two swastikas on his Chiswell Road home on Feb. 10, but a police investigation concluded King painted them himself.

King made similar comments in interviews to the Daily Gazette and other news outlets. He identified himself as Jewish and said that he discovered the swastikas while clearing snow from his driveway.

King also faces an unrelated violation harassment count related to a Feb. 15 incident at the county office building.

Prosecutors have offered him a plea deal that would result in a 15-day sentence and 3 years probation for guilty pleas in both cases. The offer is expected to remain open at least until his next court appearance, prosecutor Mike Nobles said.

An appearance in court last week ended as King collapsed as the appearance concluded. Paramedics took him from the building. No such incident happened Monday, Nobles said.

Also Monday, Schenectady Police Chief Eric Clifford said his department investigated King’s claims that officers injured him after his arrest and determined them to be unfounded.


King appeared in his mug shot and at his March 21 court appearance with bruises and swelling under both eyes. He attributed those injuries in a court statement to police.

Clifford said then that his department would investigate. The Office of Professional Standards then attempted to interview King, but he declined to cooperate, Clifford said Monday.

The investigators then interviewed officers who were with him, as well as security staff at Ellis Hospital, where the injuries are believed to have occurred, before coming to their conclusion. Officers interviewed believed the injuries to be self-inflicted, Clifford said, but investigators were not able to officially determine the cause.

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