Trump tactics similar to those used by Hitler


A friend of mine was born in the Netherlands in 1930. His father was a doctor who treated patients on both sides of the nearby border with Germany. Shortly before the outbreak of World War II, he was shot and killed by German border guards as he crossed the border. My friend’s widowed mother and her nine children somehow survived the horrors of the ensuing Nazi occupation. What his family and his country endured during the war years is mind boggling and terrifying. The scars are forever etched in his memory. Now my friend is reliving the nightmare of those terrible years. He sees in our president and his election a remarkable similarity to Hitler and his rise to power. Both are mentally unstable. Both are compulsive liars. Both demonize the judiciary. Both foment chaos. Both attack the free press. Both incite the public against targeted groups. Both exude personal power and self-adulation. We may think our system of government is immune to the twisted whims of our president. But I’m sure in the 1930s, the people of Germany felt the same about Hitler. Let’s hope that the fears of my friend and of mine are unfounded.

Charles Rielly


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