Stray kitty becomes museum mascot

Little Boy arrived in 2012
"Little Boy."
"Little Boy."

“It’s Little Boy, it’s the cat!”

When visitors come to the Iroquois Indian Museum, they get excited when they see a very special caramel-colored kitty.

Little Boy, the museum’s accidental mascot, arrived at the museum in 2012 and now appears regularly on the museum’s Facebook page and on Twitter.

“He was a stray that showed up at the back door and he weaseled his way into the hearts of the staff here,”says Colette Lemmon, curator of exhibitions.

“Visitors bring him treats, someone made him a fleece blanket. They take photos.”

At first he was standoffish and wouldn’t let anyone pet him.

“Now he is extremely friendly,” she says.

In the cold weather, Little Boy stays inside the museum with his litter box, but he is not allowed in the exhibit area.

“He spends the day snoozing in someone’s lap or on their desk,” Lemmon says.

During warmer weather, the five-year-old feline roams the 40 acres of fields and woods around the museum.

This spring, Little Boy is helping to raise money to pay for new signs on the museum’s nature trails by appearing in a Facebook video that shows him visiting different sites on the trail.

Little Boy’s goal is to raise $1,000 by June 1.

“He’s earned 25 percent of what we’re aiming for,” says Lemmon.

For more information, visit Little Boy’s GoFundMe campaign at

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