Adirondack Museum changes its name

New logo evokes High Peaks

When the Adirondack Museum opens for its 60th season on May 26, it will have a new name: the Adirondack Experience, The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake.

“To compete with new destinations in the Adirondack region and around the Northeast, we need to ensure our identity reflects what we truly are: a 121-acre indoor-and-outdoor experience,” Executive Director David Kahn said in a press release.

The old logo, an illustration of an Adirondack guide with a guide boat, has been replaced with a new logo that combines the letters A (Adirondack) and X (Experience) in an abstract image that evokes the High Peaks and rustic Adirondack architecture.

A new website,, has also been launched, and social media users are invited to use #ADKX when posting.

On July 1, Adirondack Experience will open “Life in the Adirondacks,” a 19,000-square-foot interactive experience that will serve as each visitor’s starting point. The new exhibit will occupy the former Roads and Rails building.

This is not the first name change for the institution. It began as the Adirondacks Historical Association in 1948, then became the Adirondack Historical Association in 1955 and adopted the name Adirondack Museum before opening to the public in 1957.

Even today, the legal name is the Adirondack Historical Association, which it will continue to be as it operates as the Adirondack Experience.

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