Ballston Spa

Remember the sacrifice of our public servants

Thanks to spouses for sharing them with us


Recently the village of Ballston Spa had its first really contested election in many years. It was very gratifying to see that the public is once again interested in the future of our community of friends. It was time for new ideas and new energetic talent. We now have a village board of three Republicans and two Democrats, politically speaking. Hopefully folks, it will be as I’ve stated before, a board of friends and neighbors, working together, for the interest of the taxpayers, local businesses and children.

We all know the reason people run for these jobs is not the money, but a sense of pride in our village. As a mayor, trustee or other public position, they are put in situations where 50 percent of the time they are right and 50 percent of the time they are wrong. They never get the “atta boys,” but they get plenty of complaints. We as taxpayers will never agree with all of their decisions. But remember, they, hopefully, are doing what’s best for the community.

Finally, I’d like to acknowledge two gentlemen who gave their life to public service.

The first is Joe Miranda. He has served the taxpayers as village trustee, town of Milton councilman and Saratoga County Solid waste coordinator for over 40  years. The second is Chief Charles Koenig of the Ballston Spa Police Department. He was chief for over 28 years and with the New York State Park police for a combined service of over 40 years.

For whatever reason, their peers and supervisors have forgotten to recognize them as men who served us well in difficult jobs, for so many years. I personally would like to thank them for all the did for our community and our families. I would also like to thank their spouses for sharing them with us.

Joe Miranda and Charlie Koenig, you truly are friends and neighbors. I don’t have a gold watch for you, but I do have a big WOO WOO.

James Capasso

Ballston Spa


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