Boat death settles on responsibility

Alex West's accountability and responsibility should be on trial
I have been following the media accounts detailing the events of the boat death trial and the alleged actions of the defendant, Alex West, and I would like to offer a personal opinion.
Whatever the suppressed toxicology report might have revealed, and whether or not Mr. West had imbibed too much alcohol, or whether his judgment was impaired due to the consumption and the effects of an illegal substance at the time of the accident are irrelevant and immaterial. The sole issue is one of responsibility.
Mr. West was the person in control of the boat. Therefore, the responsibility was his. The only fact that should be considered as a result of this unfortunate incident is that an 8-year-old girl is dead as a result of Alex West’s negligence; whatever caused it.
A child is dead and Mr. West, who should have been in control of his faculties, neglected to stop and offer assistance. Is Alex West responsible for his actions or isn’t he? Whether or not actions had consequences was the only issue to be considered in this case. It mattered little how long the defense attorney obfuscated the matter of his guilt or innocence.
Michael G. Decker

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