Jaquith committed to serving Niskayuna

Niskayuna needs Rosemarie Jaquith on the board
One of the first things you notice when you meet Rosemarie Jaquith is her passion for the students of Niskayuna. Her focus of putting students first and ensuring that she does what’s best for kids leads her decision-making process and is inspiring. I believe that the greatest gift that we can provide to our children is a world class education.
Rosemarie Jaquith has helped to unify the Board of Education as a board member and now as the board president, I continue to find her to be accessible and responsive to questions from the community. Rosemarie works tirelessly to help resolve issues brought to her by parents, teachers, and students. I support Rosemarie Jaquith for re-election to the Niskayuna school board and I encourage your vote of support as well. I am confident that she will work to continue the culture of academic excellence that the Niskayuna School District is nationally known for.
She has demonstrated that a second-term continues our trajectory towards long-range strategic planning, fiscal responsibility and transparency. Vote for Rosemarie Jaquith to the Niskayuna School Board on May 16 to allow her to work for all of our children.
Brian Backus

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