Stop covering up acts against free speech

Free speech is acceptable if it's the right free speech
The left and their media allies do us all a disservice by covering up the continual terroristic actions of ANTIFA.
In addition to their well-known violent acts at Berkley, this group has been involved with and orchestrated numerous attacks on non-leftists exercising their right to free speech.
Just recently, they were involved in yet another riot in Portland.
The Democrats turn a blind eye to the violence of their own, while the media (but I repeat myself…) covers there acts grudgingly, if at all.
By doing this they normalize political violence. America has escaped much strife by using the ballot box and free speech to voice our grievances and fight our battles. It’s not perfect, but it’s far preferable to open violence and/or civil war.
ANTIFA proudly boasts of planning these attacks and openly decries people’s right to free speech.
The left should step up an call these people out for what they are — violent domestic terrorists.
David Welch

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