Liberals have made our country weak

Country is weaker, less compassionate
Re April 14 letter, “Don’t forget the good liberal Dems have done”: Back in the days of FDR and Harry Truman, they where good Democrats, not liberal. I always said Truman was the best president this country ever had. I voted for Bill Clinton because I thought he was doing a good job, until he lied to me, you and Congress that he didn’t have an affair with that woman. As far as the Bush family goes, George W. Bush got in the war the second time because of his father’s differences with Saddam Hussein. If we didn’t go in Iraq and murder Saddam Hussein, we would not be having trouble with ISIS today. As far as the veterans being taking care of, it’s not the way Truman wanted it to be. Other vets and I had a lot of problems with the care; they caused me harm. President Trump wants to ensure veterans get to go to the doctors of choice for better care. What good have the liberals done? They did away with the draft, did away with the death penalty, and are treating the criminals like first-class citizens with all the benefits they get. They should be punished for the crimes they committed. The liberals did a lot more stupid things. This country is weak in military strength, all because of the liberals. If you want to know how corrupt it all is, write to Liberty Guard, P.O. Box 1645, Merrifed, Virginia, 22116-1645. What blood have you shed for this country that gives you the right to attack me.
Vincent Belardo

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