Make vocational training mandatory

Students derive many lessons from vo-tec classes
I am currently a senior at Mohonasen High School and would like to take the time to inform the community on why I think vocational schools should be mandatory for all students to take.
In today’s society, many people view vocational schools as a waste of time. They think that they are only for people who cannot maintain the “average” grade in a regular high school. However, being that I attend a vocational school for diesel mechanics, I am here to tell you that is not the case.
 There are many reasons as to why vocational schools should be mandatory for all students in high school.
For one thing, everyone has a different skill set and everyone learns in different ways. For example, not everyone is good at math, chemistry, economics or other subjects that are the basis of college majors. Some students are artistic and visual learners, while some are mechanical and hands-on learners. Either way, they still strive to do their best.
Vocational education not only provides you with the skill set of a technical trade, but also gives you something to fall back on if your desired occupation does not turn out as you had hoped.
I hope that more people are now aware that vocational schools can, in fact, help everyone.
Joshua Kimball

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