Republicans don’t care about people

GOP health care is worse than Obamacare
I’m writing this as the House is voting on the latest Affordable Health Care Act [AHCA] bill. It once again affirms the truth that Republicans care more about money than taking care of the citizens of our great nation. 
 It is unconscionable that in a country as rich and prosperous as the United States, that people are not covered by the health care system. Going to the emergency room is not universal health care. Universal coverage was a primary goal of Obamacare.
 When creating the Affordable Care Act, the Dems involved insurers, hospital, doctors, various providers and just about anyone who was a stakeholder. For whatever reason, the Republicans didn’t participate. Well, the bill passed.
 Obamacare has many good features and a lot of parts that need to fixed. Rather than work with the Dems to fix the bad portions of this legislation (a very normal process for complex legislation), the Republicans did nothing.
If they cared about getting people health care, they had seven years to make suggestions and present ideas to improve the system. They did nothing. Now they are essentially passing a bill that takes the health care industry of the United States back to the way it was in 2008. 
The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that 14 million people, pretty much everyone who gained it in Obamacare will lose their health coverage.
Their bill is basically a big reduction in costs for corporations and the well off and a kick in the butt to those who had finally gotten coverage. They have said they need to get this passed, giving the rich a tax reduction, so that it will be easier to do their tax plan which will give more tax breaks to the well off.
Years ago, Bill Clinton called the Republicans the Concierge Party. It is now truer than ever.
William Wray
Sebastian, Florida
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