Trump lacks capacity to govern effectively

Trump lacks discipline to deal with complex issues
Donald Trump may be shrewd when dealing with business issues, however, he is shallow when dealing with the complicated issues of governing.
His approaches to complex problems appear to be poorly conceived and often opportunistic as noted below.
In February Trump said: “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.” In fact, many people knew that health care was complicated. Mr. Trump clearly did not have the patience to study the issue or the details of the Republican proposed health plan.
 When the plan came to the House, Trump was more than willing to abandon the many promises he had made regarding health care in order to gain a political victory. In spite of the ongoing negotiations, the Republican plan continues to face an uncertain future.
Trump’s initial approach to terrorism was his executive order banning travel from a number of predominately Muslim countries. He clearly did not make an effort to think through the potential consequences of his executive order. Trump’s proposal to build  a border wall is yet another example of an ill conceived approach to a complex problem, immigration.
Estimates for building the wall range up to $20 billion and maintaining the wall would require significant yearly expenses. Shoring up border security could be accomplished at much lower cost. Moreover, the wall would create political and environmental problems, and is in no way relevant to the status of the roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants currently in the country.
Mr. Trump seems to lack the discipline and patience required to deal with the complex issues facing our country. 
Don Steiner

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