Kudos to firefighters  for saving building

Schenectady firefighters doing great job
This letter is to thank Schenectady firefighters for the great job they do keeping fires under control in Schenectady. Residents are very lucky to have them.
When I read about the fire on Francis Street late Tuesday, I had to write. On May 9, a vacant house burned and a neighboring home was threatened. Firefighters contained the blaze.
I live at 1 Cottage Row. A house fire on Green Street on April 24 threaten our whole complex. The fire at the house on Green Street was in the back of the house. As the trees behind the Green Street house burned, the top row of our complex started to burn. The outside of our building was damaged, but only the top apartment was badly damaged. Our apartment on the second floor was damaged only in one bedroom.
Great job Schenectady firefighters. I am sorry for the loss of a life at the Green Street home. However, the firefighters saved many homes in our complex by putting out the fire that started so quickly. Thanks for all of your efforts. I am one very lucky resident of the Stockade District.
Peggy Ridgway

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