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Confederacy is part of American legacy

Removing Confederacy statutes won't change history
The liberal apologists are removing statues of notable figures of the Confederacy to appease black activists. This is akin to the Muslim jihadists denying the Holocaust happening because they don’t respect the Jews.
What is next? Will they insist that we attack Egypt and destroy the Spinx and the Great Pyramids because they were built with slave labor? Then Italy with the Roman Colosseum and the Appian Way. I am sure they will have a problem when they try to get China to tear down the Great Wall, for the same reasoning.
Denying the facts is not going to change history. It’s only going to disrespect their own predecessors, possibly their own ancestors. These “Southern gentlemen” were greatly respected in their time, even by the Union leadership that opposed them. Many national leaders of today will not be revered for 20 years, let alone 150.
Mankind has abused and enslaved other men since the beginning of history or beyond, but more abuse and violence has never been the cure, and many great persons have spent their lives looking for the answer. 
Peter Henningson
Saratoga Springs

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