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GE, employees help our communities

Columnist missed the generosity of GE employees
Marlene Kennedy’s column in the May 11 Daily Gazette talked about  one group in Washington, D.C. that is trying to limit the ability of companies, including GE, to support certain charitable donations.
They are pushing this agenda by asking shareholders to vote on measures to restrict giving and make companies file mounds of paperwork reporting on the charities they support. Of course, company stockholders overwhelmingly rejected this proposal. 
 GE and its employees and retirees have always generously supported many different charities in Schenectady and the Capital Region. Last year, over $7 million went to local charities, and GE employees volunteered 41,0000 hours of service.
While some in Washington choose to fight proxy battles at stockholders’ meetings, the reality is that GE and its employees here in Schenectady generously donate their time and resources to improve our community. 
We wish this point had been included in the column. 
Ray Gillen
The writer is chairman of the Schenectady County Metroplex Development Authority.

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