Paper needs unbiased sources for its news

Journalist should just report facts; not their opinions
It is incredibly distressing to realize that the newsprint we read on a daily basis is so corrupted and deliberately distorted to promote agendas and conceal truths. I believe that the honest journalism I grew up with is dead. Editorial comments abound, mixed in with news articles, so that most people would not even be able to recognize them. I see it daily, and the articles The Gazette constantly prints from The New York Times are some of the worst.
To cite one case in point, in the May 10 New York Times article in The Gazette, the authors state that last week, former FBI Director James Comey said “he felt ‘mildly nauseous’ that his actions might have tipped the election to Trump.” The actual quote from Comey was that “it makes me mildly nauseous that we might have had some impact on the election.” So is there a difference between the two? Yes, without a doubt. Think about it. The author used Comey’s quote, but ended the sentence with his own words, which have a distinctly different meaning. And that’s not what James Comey said. That’s changing and editorializing a quote.
I suggest that if The Gazette has to use other sources for their articles they find an unbiased one or use their own writers.
Corinne Cazer

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