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Congress must act to save our country

No longer furious at Trump supporters
I am no longer furious at those who voted for Donald Trump, as his lies were intended to suck you in. What I cannot wrap my head around are those who continue to support him after he has shown his true colors.
He is a millionaire, for heaven sakes. He has demonstrated that he is only taking actions to favor the rich. Yet, benighted middle-class voters still want him to drain the swamp. He has instead thrown us all in.
He is happy to gut medical care while giving huge tax breaks to the wealthy; block immigration of those in need of safety, while allowing Kushner’s sister to give billionaire Chinese investors access to green cards for investing in Kushner building projects; defund the arts and Planned Parenthood medical care for women; defund public television, a mainstay for providing real news; and so much more.
Trump refuses to release his income tax returns. Why? Did he pay no taxes? Cheat on his return? Bilk the government for undeserved deductions? Prove to us, Donald, that these are not reasons for your secrecy.
He has chosen wealthy financiers and industrialists for all his advisory positions. His moguls are thrilled with his executive orders to do away with manufacturing regulations, air quality concerns, coal restrictions, drilling regulations and more. It is your world, folks. It is their billions.
All this middle class destruction in slightly over 100 days. Our nation will not be recognizable by the time we impeach him, if only for his collusion with Putin. For heaven sake, Congress, do something. I love the nation he is destroying. We were attempting to function as a Republic, albeit an imperfect one. Now we are an autocracy with despots at the helm. Presidents can be impeached. Despots must be overthrown. You choose.
Marilyn Sargent

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