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Learn truth about Planned Parenthood

Learn about Planned Parenthood before knocking it
I’ve noticed that The Gazette publishes many letters accusing Planned Parenthood of all sorts of evils, most likely from excessive Fox and Friends watching.
I’m willing to bet that very few, if any, of the letter writers have ever actually tried to learn the truth. 
Over my 68 years I have been a volunteer, advocate and, yes, client of Planned Parenthood. There are some truths, or facts as they’re known, I’d like to share.
1) Planned Parenthood would be thrilled if there never was a reason to terminate a pregnancy. It’s in their name. In fact Planned Parenthood is a provider of contraception for millions of women, many who can’t afford a visit to a doctor.
Yes, guys, you need a prescription for birth control. Younger males are also clients so at least there is some hope. Sadly there are men in Congress lacking in basic family planning knowledge.
2) Planned Parenthood receives not one red cent for abortions.
The government funding is used exclusively for birth control. Planned Parenthood is very well run and would never risk funding by breaking the federal law.
It is the place to go for contraceptive services for many sexually active teens and many adults who don’t have a doctor.
So before dashing off yet another ill-informed and nasty letter against Planned Parenthood, stop by some day. Pick up some pamphlets and maybe a few free condoms. But please stop writing lies about such a valuable organization.
Polly Windels

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