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Russia-Trump ties: Nothing to see here

Why are Dems looking for something that's not there
Full disclosure. I do not like Donald Trump. I consider him to be morally bankrupt, ethically challenged, mean-spirited and one who values money and adulation above all else.
 Now that we have that out of the way, I think that the interminable probing into whether any members of the Trump election team or any Trump supporters aided the Russians is unproductive. No matter what, the final determination is opinionated. 
Did Russia try to influence the last presidential election? Yes. Did they need help? No. Have they always tried to influence our foreign policy? Yes. 
The question to be asked is, “Did they affect the decisions of our voters?” Since I did not vote for Trump and only reluctantly voted for the alternative because I believe that our first freedom is the right to select our leaders, I can say that the background noise of accusation and counter-accusation did not affect me.
Others have to search themselves for that answer. 
My reason for voting for Trump’s opponent was that I can’t imagine choosing  to go into the operating room with a person who had never been to medical school as the surgeon.
Why then would I choose a person who has no appreciation for our Democratic form of government and who has expressed admiration for tyrants as the person most fit to protect my freedom?
As long as promises were not made to encourage the Russian meddling that was already occurring and provided the Trump administration does not put money ahead of American interest, take the teapot off the stove. There is no tempest.
Frank Elfland

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