Clifton Park

Citizens have power to get a new park

Shen park vote was democracy in ation.
Your April 29 editorial [“Town, district must work together on Shen land”] fairly presented the recent history of the disposition of the 34 acres intended to be sold for commercial development.
Your comment that park proponents’ “vision will never come to fruition without support from the powers-that-be” needs some analysis. The events were a perfect example of democracy in action. The people triumphed over those “powers-that-be.”
Those who want a park may block any contrary disposition in the future. Furthermore the ballot box can serve to ensure that elected officials support the desires of the majority. The school board should proceed with all due haste to commit the land to a park.
 In fact, the public can select the “powers-that-be” that support its vision.
Jay Murphy
Clifton Park

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