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Country needs fixing but not a convention

State convention won't fix New York state
A pox on both your houses. If you are a staunch supporter of the liberal or conservative agenda, you are part of the problem not the solution.
If something sounds too good to be true it’s not. We are bombarded with fake news and opinions at lightning speed, and it has become impossible to find the middle ground.
The only thing worse than two parties with opposing views is one party. People in Nazi Germany only got one view, which is way more dangerous. Critically view all news, especially news with which you agree.
The purpose of this letter is to question the need for a state constitutional convention. The mood of the country is to shake up the system. The election of Donald was an attempt to shake things up. How is that working?
What is going so bad in New York that we need to shake up the system? What do we need to fix that a convention is needed? What damage will it do? Do not get hoodwinked. In the end, nothing will be gained, but we have much to lose.
Vincent Pelliccia
Saratoga Springs

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