Pump station is not significantly damaged

Pump station has had no 'significant' damage
Thank you for your continuing coverage of the city’s plans to build a large, new pump station in Riverside Park, a plan that would ruin the west end of the park and create a deteriorated eyesore out of the existing pump station.
Your articles continue to claim the pump station “sustained significant damage in Tropical Storm Irene in 2011.”
This is the city’s position but it’s disputed by experts who say the station is sound and capable of being retrofitted to handle the area’s wastewater requirements.
The pipes and pumps in the building were installed only two or three years before the flood and continue to operate to this day.
“Significant” damage implies that the building is a wreck and beyond repair, which is not the case.
Furthermore, the city’s consultant admitted at the May 2 meeting that his firm had not conducted a cost benefit analysis involving continued use of the existing station and he said his firm neglected to review previous studies of the pump station conducted by other city consultants.
Suzanne Unger
The writer is recording secretary for The Stockade Association

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